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pedal harp, effects
pedal harp
pipe organ

Solo Performances


Structured improvisation premiered at the 2020 OME New Music Festival in Phoenix, Arizona.


Through sampling news broadcasts, podcasts, interviews with Syrian-Canadians, and quoting immigration law, this structured improvised set centres on the dichotomy between lived experience and the American/Canadian media portrayals of a refugee ‘other.’


00:00 / 02:24

Structured improvisation premiered at The Music Gallery's 2018 EMERGENTS Series.  


Explored the intertwining nature of elegy and posthumous grieving through prepared/extended techniques, electronics, sampling, projection, and improvisation.  

Photo by Claire Harvie

queens blvd

Originally premiered on August 8, 2020 at the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation's Improvisation Festival 2020 and co-presented by Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound.

queens blvd is a dual improvisation exploring the soundscapes of domestic living during quarantine.


Filmed in two scenes, each improvisation is an interaction between harp, electronics, and the sounds and objects surrounding them.

postcards from heaven

by John Cage

An interpretation of John Cage's "Postcards from Heaven" with loop pedal and electro-acoustic pedal harp.


Performed live at Mahtay Cafe in St Catharines, Ontario on September 21, 2018.


Video captured by Rob Klassen and Danny Lindsay



An improvised piece originally performed and created by HARP+ and Kim Farris-Manning.


The projected text fragments are displayed and altered by Kim and act as the score by which the musicians improvise and respond. 


HARP+ is an award-winning electroacoustic improvisation ensemble comprised of Arie van de Ven (Viola), and Dave Klassen (Synthesizer) and Grace Scheele (Harp). 


Through electronic augmentation, sampling, looping, and live projection, HARP+ explores the relationship between performer/instrument, gender/instrumental stereotypes, and acoustic/electric tone colors.  

Songes Pour Ghislain

A "comprovised" piece created and performed by Gabo, Anatole Blanchet, and Grace Scheele.

Premiered in June 2018 at the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab (LMCML). 

Pineapple Eyes

Premiered at YELLOW: An Art Pop-up by JAM and SideBiz Studios in May 2021. 


"Pineapple Eyes" explores abject diffusion in shimmery light and sound.