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Whispers of Light


Short / 4 mins / Toronto, Canada


An experimental short film.  

Director: R
yan Hadwen-Hussar

Music: Grace Scheele



Notes on a Performance


Short / 20 mins / HD / 16:9 / English / Toronto, Canada

Margaret is a theatre actress preparing for her first upcoming solo performance. She confronts different layers of performativity in the three places she frequents: the rehearsal hall, her apartment, and the stage. Notes on a Performance combines documentary and narrative forms through its observational approach.

Writer/Director: Jennifer Law-Smith

Music: Grace Scheele


Vancouver Independent Film Festival, 2021, Finalist

Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIFT, 2021, Finalist

How Do Clowns Say I Love You


Short / 3 mins / Toronto, Canada


A cotton candy queer dreamscape in which we beg the question- how do clowns say I love you?

Film: Dylan Mitro and Sydney Nicole Herauf

Music: Grace Scheele


Commissioned by TIFF Next Wave for Insomniac Film Festival’s Battle of the Scores 2020

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